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Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger  with Seth Thomas

Personal Trainer in the Capital Region



Albany Movement & Fitness Programs and Services

Customized Training

Personal training with one of our Results Coaches. Lose weight, Move better and Get stronger. We will help you set goals and track your progress. We will provide you with individualized programming and healthy eating guidance, led by one of our Results Coaches. You will have all of the accomodations of Private one on one training with the added benefit of a shared experience. Social Motivation is fun, encouraging, and it provides another level of accountability.

Group Classes

At Albany Movement & Fitness we pride ourselves in creating and maintaining an outstanding group fitness experience. Your fitness needs will be met through a series of progressions that allows us to deliver a quality session to all who attend. In a typical session you will be motivated by semi-individualized programming designed to build lean muscle, increase metabolism, and facilitate fat loss. In our class structure we focus on the practice of fundamental movement patterns. We have all of the functional tools needed to help you Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger and Look Great! This is not a cross fit experience. We have a quality over quantity mindset. You will not push through pain or beyond your level of conditioning to get the next rep. You will be challenged at the edge of your ability and not beyond. This will provide the proper stimulus to lose weight, improve movement and increase strength while reducing your risk of injury and maintaining a sensory rich environment.  We will provide an intro workshop prior to enrolling. Sessions are led by one of our Strong First Russian Kettlebell experienced Functional Movement Specialists.

Athletic Development

Customized or small group training. Our programming is designed to improve athletic performance by helping athletes ages (10-24) to increase strength and improve the level of their conditioning. We will also make sure that your movement is functionally sound which will reduce the likeliness of an injury. All athlete training and coaching is led or programmed by Albany Movement & Fitness Owner and Director, Seth Thomas

Body Work

Licensed Massage Therapists will take a thorough assessment and provide cutting edge therapies for optimal recovery and rehabilitation. Please call Seth Thomas for a referral to a qualified professional. 518-858-6426.