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Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger  with Seth Thomas

Personal Trainer in the Capital Region



We love our clients

Dedicated, inspiring, and driven, our trainers help people lead happier and healthier lives. We’re so proud of all of our clients that we want to share their stories and what they have to say about us.

Client: Amy Fedorowicz

I have worked with Seth Thomas for the last 11 months to achieve my personal weight loss goals and to achieve much needed life style changes. When I met Seth, I was frustrated because I had made many attempts to lose weight with minimal results. I had tried dieting and exercising and went as far as becoming a life style educator, which helped me with my eating habits. But when it came to exercise, I had no clue nor did I even enjoy any type of exercise, except walking casually with friends which was not doing anything to help me reach my goals. I knew that diet alone would not get me the results I was looking for. I met with Seth and immediately knew I had chosen the right person to help motivate me and teach me the missing pieces to the puzzle of healthy living and result driven exercise, so I could stop spinning my wheels, becoming more frustrated, and giving up. Since February of last year, Seth has been a constant source of education, support and encouragement. I have lost a total of 69 pounds, since I started on this journey. I would not have achieved such results without his coaching through this process. I now enjoy exercising and actually miss it when I am unable to get a work out in. Seth’s approach is refreshing. I had been to trainers in the past and did not stick with it for many reasons but mostly because I always felt like I was not working hard enough or long enough or not living up to their unrealistic expectations. Seth has a very different approach which I believe has made him very successful as a personal coach.

Client: Tina Strubel

I spent the majority of my life overweight and extremely out of shape. After watching my mom lose her independence due to obesity-related health issues, I knew that was not how I wanted to grow older. Over the past 8 years, I have made a series of lifestyle and diet changes that have helped me to lose 90 pounds and gain confidence that I never had before. The one thing that has been lacking is a focus on fitness and exercise. After meeting Seth, I knew that making a commitment to work with him and Albany Movement & Fitness was the last step to becoming the strong, active person I am meant to be.

Client: Sandy DenBesten

Before I started training with Seth, I was spending an hour a day doing mostly cardio and plateaued to the point where it just wasn’t working for me. I’ve been training with Seth for just about two years now and am extremely pleased with the results. I feel stronger and my level of endurance has increased. Seth is an awesome personal trainer. He is very professional, motivated and makes staying fit fun. Seth is results-oriented, likes to change it up so you don’t get bored and your body is always benefiting from the workout. Albany Movement & Fitness is a comfortable environment for anyone looking to achieve fitness goals. I would highly recommend trying a session with Seth.

Client: Foster Gesten

I was lucky to find Seth and Albany Fitness & Movement. I was looking for a practical and sustainable way to get stronger, more fit, and simply feel better. AMF delivered on all of those. I was very much a beginner when it came to resistance training and exercise beyond aerobics. AMF for me represents an ideal combination of approachable training while still being a challenge. A great decision to join - no regrets and no turning back!

Client: Nancy Rogers

When I started working out with Seth I didn't know what to expect. I'm a 54-year-old woman. The only exercise I was getting was taking a walk everyday and doing housework. I had a very weak core. My husband and I started working with Seth. He tailored our workouts for each of us and very quickly I became stronger and more agile. I noticed right away that I had more energy on a daily basis. Seth is very nice and good at motivating us. He also keeps the workouts fun and is constantly changing the exercises, so it is always a nice challenge. The workout room is all new and clean. The flooring surface is soft so when you are on the floor exercising it is comfortable. It has been a great experience and I am always looking forward to my next workout.

Client: Julie Tenan

I am a 64-year-old breast cancer survivor and paddler. I have always exercised - cross country skiing, kayaking, Pilates, yoga and now AMF. I initially met Seth as part of a program sponsored through CRAAB (Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer) two years ago. Seth is the only trainer I have ever worked with who teaches, watches, listens, and challenges his clients through every step of the workout. My desire for this style of training has resulted in the recruitment of several paddlers from my dragon boat team, Dragons Alive. We are getting stronger through lots of challenging targeted workouts, but with many a smile added to the sweat! It is both team-building and strength-building. Guaranteed to never be the top performer in my group, exercise has always been part of my physical and spiritual life, AMF has helped in creating an appreciation of my own health and strength….empowerment! As one of the coaches of Dragons Alive, I hope I can model what I am learning and experiencing to my team.

Client: Michelle Lumley

I joined Albany Movement & Fitness late last spring. I had just turned 50 and was in a rut. I had worked out in the past but hadn't in a while and felt chubby and unfit, unhappy, and stressed. I saw photos of my friend/colleague who is also a trainer at Albany Movement & Fitness on Facebook and she looked fabulous and it looked like she was really enjoying what she was doing. I decided to check it out one day on my way home from work, which was easy to do as the facility is right off I90 in Corporate Woods. I was pleased to see the facility was not only clean, new, and well equipped but very inviting and friendly. There are always opportunities to branch out to do things I've never done before without feeling judged such as running and hiking. I began by coming twice a week and within a couple of weeks felt better about myself, could sleep better, and my stress level was going down. Within about the first four weeks, I noticed that my strength and flexibility had increased tremendously. The staff is wonderful. Seth is great! He has been more than a trainer. He keeps me excited about coming and checks in, encouraging me to continue and to come to a class at a different time if I miss my regular class. I have never felt uncomfortable and am pleased to know that the emphasis is on health and flexibility and strength which are so important for a woman in her 50's. The people in the classes are so welcoming and encouraging. We can be at different stages of fitness but it works by Seth modifying weight, exercises, etc. and personalizing activities. You feel like you are part of a team. It's simply great! I LOVE IT!

Client: Adam Hoffman

Training with Seth a few times each week has truly been a life-changing experience. Prior to my first training session, I would workout for an hour and a half at the gym, doing the typical bench presses and squats. Even though I noticed results doing this, I knew fitness was still a foreign language to me because it seemed like I was hitting a wall. Like most people, I thought of personal training as something people do when they do not have the motivation to workout by themselves. This mindset was broken immediately when I entered Albany Movement & Fitness. Much of the standard equipment you would expect to be there is replaced by innovative functional movement workouts. As we began, I soon realized there were many crucial muscles I was neglecting to workout. The exercises I have learned from Seth are enjoyable to do because I have the assurance that I am doing everything correctly. Now being back at college, I workout for roughly 30 minutes a few times each week and notice amazing results. Seth and his team will teach you the basic movements every person at every age should know and they will give you the encouragement to strive for your goals. Seth’s ability to recognize the potential of his clients is unparalleled and this allows you to be the best version of yourself. His knowledge on nutrition and habits for achieving your goals is widespread and he can tailor it to any customer. I challenged my father to attend one training session and he was quite nervous because of his injured knees and shoulders. After one session, he was immediately hooked to Seth’s program. Whether you’re in shape and have the motivation to go to the gym already or have been struggling with injuries and drive, Albany Movement & Fitness will make you the healthiest, strongest version of yourself.

Client: Cathy Diefendorf

The reason I came to AM&F is because the things I was doing on my own, such as walking, weight lifting and stretching, were not yielding any results. At 52, I felt flabby and my clothes were not fitting very well. I was experiencing major stiffness, zero flexibility and loss of range of motion in my shoulders and arms. Before AM&F, I had tried various gym group classes, yoga, etc. but often ended up injuring or pulling something because no one was paying attention to my form. Constant stiffness and pulled muscles resulted in inactivity and setbacks in my fitness level.

In the six months, I have been with AM&F I have experienced enormous gains in strength and flexibility. I¹ve made consistent progress without the setbacks I had come to expect. And my clothes fit better without dieting! AM&F is great for busy people because you learn how to exercise and stretch smarter in however little time you may have between sessions which helps maintain the overall benefits of the program.

Seth and his team are extremely knowledgeable and can work around any issues. If my knees are aching, or my calves too tight, they know exactly what to do to and, more importantly, what not to do in a particular session. There is never any judgment, only positive encouragement and support. The facility is gorgeous and very clean. The energy is positive and the schedule is round the clock convenient.

If you are thinking of trying AM&F, don¹t think anymore. Just do it!

Client: Maggie Fagan

I've never been a gym person or ever considered myself remotely athletic. In the 8 months I've been regularly attending Albany Movement & Fitness, I've seen a drastic change in how I feel. For the first time in my life, I look forward to exercising, sweating, and pushing myself. I have never felt so strong and so in-tune with my body.

Seth has also fostered a strong sense of community and Albany Movement & Fitness. One in which we motivate and encourage one another to reach new personal milestones.

I cannot recommend this establishment enough! Seth is a knowledgeable and amiable coach who is great to work with. Thanks, Seth!

Client: Maggie Leary

I worked with an AWESOME trainer for several years. After he moved away, I spent a few years searching for someone new who would meet my, now, very high expectations. I tried some gyms and some trainers, and while they were fair, perhaps even good, something was missing. The first time I went to Albany Movement & Fitness, I knew Seth was who I was looking for. He has that way of pushing you beyond what you THINK you can do, but can also quickly adapt and change plans if you are not quite ready for the task, while also keeping a careful eye out for form and safety. I love that Seth incorporates other activities – hiking, running, nutrition and, next year, CAMPING! Going to the gym a few days a week is a good thing, but Seth truly wants his clients to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle. No matter a client’s level of fitness, we are all working HARD, but there is also laughter involved in every session and we are all supportive of one another’s growth and strength. I definitely found my new “home” with Albany Movement & Fitness.

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