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Artemis Scantalides Teaches the TGU

The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-up (TGU) is a fantastic movement that is useful for all ages. The movement is so important because it brings us back to the ground.  As adults we don’t spend enough time doing ground work (exercises performed on the ground). Examples of beneficial movements in this category include rolling, rocking, head nods, bird dogs, bridges, dead-bugs, creeping, crawling, and the unloaded TGU. Together these exercises help to stimulate the vestibular system, encourage the body to respond reflexively, promote mobility and stability simultaneously and take us through all of the planes of movement using the key functional postures . Getting up and down from the ground easily and pain free is a movement pattern that escapes us as a result of being sedentary or simply not spending time in these positions.

When we introduce the kettlebell to the TGU it gives us the opportunity to experience all of the benefits listed above in loaded positions. Everyone can do the TGU as long as you build it from the ground up using the exercises named above and practicing the TGU transitions  step by step.

At Iron Body Studios and Albany Movement & Fitness we determine your readiness to perform the TGU using the results of your Functional Movement Screen combined with our observations of you while practicing your ground work. The TGU takes a lot of coordination and can be very challenging for some people, therefore, it is extremely important to learn all of the steps first before adding weight.

Artemis Scantalides is the Co-Owner of Iron Body Studios in Needham, MA,, author of the blog Iron Body By Artemis,, and Co-Founder of The Female Fitness Formula Workshop

Written by Artemis Scantalides and Seth Thomas

Time and Money

AMF Logo

When someone shows interest in becoming a member at Albany Movement & Fitness, the first thing we do is a complimentary consultation.  This allows us to get to know the client by gathering information about their goals, health-related issues, and current activity level. We also determine if they need nutritional support and take them through a Functional Movement Screen. We need all this information in order to make a professional recommendation. The final question that we ask provides the link between results and reality, perception and behavior. We expose the (false) truths that individuals tell themselves, the habitual mini stories that ultimately formulate their personal worldview. This view predetermines the value that a person places on any given thing, not only the financial value but also the relative value based on the individual’s priorities. The question is: What are the obstacles that you face in achieving your specific goals?  The two most common responses are time and money.

People say they don’t have the time. This actually means it isn’t important enough. It isn’t a high priority or urgent enough to make it to the top of the list. Most of us have the inner voice that tells us, “I’m gaining a little weight.” Or “When did it get so hard to walk up the stairs?” Or “I don’t have as much energy as I used to.”  We experience fatigue, weight gain, little annoying aches and pains that were not there months ago, and we are noticeably weaker but we ignore them because we tell ourselves it is normal for our age and we do not have the time to address them.  We prioritize everything above our own bodies.  A sedentary life contributes to a life full of limitations and dependency in the future, but we ignore the signs.

Where does time come from?  Running out of time is mostly a story that we tell ourselves to cover up an ugly truth: we refuse to choose ourselves and take action.  In the hierarchy of our daily responsibilities, we come last.  We make lists and develop routines. We do the next thing that helps us to fulfill our obligations. After we complete these things, we feel responsible but still we have not addressed what is most important. You decide how your time is spent! The solution has nothing to do with finding more time (you can’t) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire.  As human beings we are always recalibrating what is most important to us.  It is time to chose your health and wellness. Time is finite, but unlike money, time is also replenished every second. At Albany Movement & Fitness we specialize in Personal training and Functional Movement. We can help you Lose Weight, Move Better, and Get Stronger! You were made to move. It is your birthright!  Be vibrant and youthful with Albany Movement & Fitness!

Personal or Transactional

The kettlebell reveals the primary tool that we use to help people lose weight, move better, and get stronger but it is very important that you understand that our movement philosophy does not mandate the use of the kettlebell. That would be foolish since we all know that there are many paths to improved movement and increased strength.

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The kettlebell serves movement. Movement does not serve the kettlebell. What I’m trying to say is that the kettlebell could be removed from the face of the planet and movement would persist. Whereas if movement were removed from the face of the planet we would all cease to exist.

Any approach that requires the client to adapt to the program rather than the program being suited to the clients needs can no longer be considered personal.

So if you are interested in hiring a trainer you have to decide what type of experience you are looking for personal or transactional.

Fearless Leader

Albany Move FitAs you all know, I am super busy preparing to open Albany Movement & Fitness in Corporate Woods in the beginning of April. The most important task has already been accomplished: the lease is signed and the renovation has started. But that is only the beginning. There are about one million more things to do, large and small. One of which is creating Albany Movement & Fitness business cards.

When I was talking with my friends about what title to assign myself on the business cards, we joked about the possibilities. Chief, Captain, President, and General were some of the titles that were mentioned. Of course we also considered Personal Trainer. But am I just a personal trainer or am I more? Am I a Movement Specialist? To me, that sounds like some sort of medical professional. And then someone suggested Fearless Leader. Everyone started laughing, but I didn’t. Immediately and without hesitation I decided that this title was perfect for me. I embody that perfectly.

I am not afraid. What is there to fear? All I have to do is continue to learn, teach and be passionate about movement and strength development. I also have to guide my team through my personal movement philosophy, so they can develop a strong movement philosophy of their own. The most important thing that I have to do is to be willing to allow others to become remarkable in my presence without being overwhelmed with insecurity. It’s okay to bust my chops about my choice to be a Fearless Leader as long as you understand that it is true.

Take a look at our new home!