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Saranac Winter 6er Event

The ADK 46er and firetower challenge can take months even years to accomplish and cost thousands of dollars before you are rewarded. The Saranac 6er will be done in two days! You will get to ring the bell in the town center and display your badge while your name appears on a list that will remain with the town forever.

We are going to break this up into 2 days of hiking, with lodging included for Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday, we will climb Haystack, Mckenzie, Scarface, and Baker. This is the lion’s share of our adventure, totaling 21 miles. Mckenzie is the toughest climb; while Baker will be the easiest. We will start at 5 a.m. this day and work hard. There will be a break in between each climb as they are all at separate trail heads.

Sunday, we will have a much easier day. We will have a decent breakfast in our suite and get started around 7 a.m. St. Regis and the magnificent Ampersand will be our grand finishing peaks. These two ultimately have the greatest views and are among the best peaks in the Adirondacks. The total mileage for Sunday will be 12 miles. I will try to get everyone down by early afternoon. Upon finishing, we will meet at the town center where everyone will get to ring the 6er bell.

This is going to be a very enduring challenge. This is not a beginner hike by any means. Perseverance and extreme fortitude are traits needed to complete this challenge! If you decide that you cannot finish, I will credit you the remaining peak(s). You will be invited on future climbs of this challenge to complete them. I will push hard, but success will be the reward!  After completion you will be eligible to get Saranac 6er merchandise . Your name will go on a list and you will be assigned a number. You will also receive a nice document signed by the mayor.

Transportation: You will be responsible for your own transportation between each climb. There may be carpooling options available.

Lodging: Lodging for both Friday and Saturday nights is included in the purchase price. I will make breakfast both Saturday and Sunday. We will be in room 3A at the Brookside Motor Inn located in the town of Upper Jay. Space is limited, so get on board ASAP!

Additional information can be found at


  • Departure and Return Location:

    Brookside Manor Inn

  • Departure Time:

    Day One - 5:00 a.m.

  • Return Time:

    Day Two - approximately 5:00 p.m.

  • Bring:

    Snowshoes and microspikes are mandatory. If you need them, contact Seth at Albany Movement & Fitness. He has rentals available. Feel free to bring extra gear.

  • Wear:

    You will need basic winter attire: decent boots, wool socks, gloves, mittens, balaclava, and synthetic layers. Since we will be returning to our vehicles after each climb, you will be able to pack less and change out clothing between climbs.

  • Intensity Level:

    5 of 5

  • Trail Details:

    Duration: Over two days
    Total Distance: 33 miles


  • Location:

    Saranac Lake
  • Event Date:

    January 30, 2015
  • Price:


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