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Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger  with Seth Thomas

Personal Trainer in the Capital Region


Functional Movement System (FMS)

Remember you were made to move! Believe it or not there was a time when we relied upon movement for our survival? We were not meant to be sedentary! At Albany Movement & Fitness we want to get you moving toward your personal goals as soon as possible. The Functional Movement Screen will help us get you there. We use the screen to evaluate your movement. With the information obtained from the screen we can provide the most appropriate exercise recommendations based upon your immediate needs and current readiness. The movement patterns that are tested are key to the normal function of the body. By screening these patterns we will be able to identify functional limitations and asymmetries that can lead to injury. It is our responsibility as Coaches to find a solution that will create balance, coordination and strength to your future movement endeavors.

How do people lose weight, move better, and get stronger?  It begins with movement.  At Albany Movement & Fitness, students are introduced to key functional exercises and postures that teach them how to move better through a unique mixture of loaded and unloaded mobility exercises, with beautiful, and mindful movements that reeducate the central nervous system. If your muscles are the orchestra then your central nervous system is the conductor. We can help you learn to be resilient by exposing you to the correct exercises in the proper sequences. Functional training is about being happy and enjoying beautiful, graceful movement again.

As children, we did not think about fat-burning or muscle-building and injuries seldom prevented us from running around the playground.  Our proprioceptive, vestibular, and visual systems gradually came together to enable us to perform simple movements such as lifting our heads, rocking, crawling, swinging, and even standing.  Eventually we learned to walk.

Functional Movement helps us grow quality movements and erase erroneous patterns in order to correct asymmetries and allow us to move better and get stronger.  We literally engrave new motor patterns in our brains, which activate the nerve pathways that control the muscles involved.  Correct movement requires specialized programming. A typical session might include rolling, crawling, rocking, pushing, pulling, skipping, carrying, lunging, hinging or squatting – a combination of positions and postures that create a sensory rich experience utilizing bodyweight training, dynamic joint mobility, and functional strength training.

Functional Movement can also be beneficial for injured athletes as rehabilitation. We work with sedentary people who are tired of looking or feeling less than their best, weekend warriors that need to stay fit but lack a rational to their fitness programming, runners that need to maintain strength & flexibility while training for their next race, hikers, older adults who want to improve movement skills and mobility, and children (including young adults) who want to experience results.

Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger and Look Great when you join the Movement. 



FMS Test