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Charlie Weingroff Discusses Movement

I recently contacted Charlie Weingroff and asked him to participate in our blog project.  I met Charlie in Philadelphia in 2012 at an RKC (certification).  Then I saw him at CK-FMS (another certification) six months later.  Not long after, I had the opportunity to attend a full-day workshop led by Charlie at 495 Drive in New York City.  The last time I saw him was at yet another certification where he was a participant, the Strong First Level II Kettlebell Instructor Certification.

What really impresses me about Charlie is his depth of knowledge and understanding of movement, strength, and rehabilitation.  I asked Charlie to define functional movement, particularly how it applies to Gray Cook’s Movement Principle Number 3: Biomechanical and physiological evaluation does not provide a complete risk screening or diagnostic assessment tool for a comprehensive understanding of movement pattern behaviors.  In other words, focusing on improving skills, physical capacity, or performance should be secondary to identifying movement competency.  Your movement should be efficient.  How do we know if your movement is competent or efficient?  We use the Functional Movement Screen.  Movement comes first and is fundamental for optimal performance.

I’d like to thank Charlie and the entire crew at 495 Drive for supporting our mission to provide quality fitness education and programming.  For more from Charlie checkout  Enjoy!