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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Charlie Weingroff Discusses Movement

I recently contacted Charlie Weingroff and asked him to participate in our blog project.  I met Charlie in Philadelphia in 2012 at an RKC (certification).  Then I saw him at CK-FMS (another certification) six months later.  Not long after, I had the opportunity to attend a full-day workshop led by Charlie at 495 Drive in New York City.  The last time I saw him was at yet another certification where he was a participant, the Strong First Level II Kettlebell Instructor Certification.

What really impresses me about Charlie is his depth of knowledge and understanding of movement, strength, and rehabilitation.  I asked Charlie to define functional movement, particularly how it applies to Gray Cook’s Movement Principle Number 3: Biomechanical and physiological evaluation does not provide a complete risk screening or diagnostic assessment tool for a comprehensive understanding of movement pattern behaviors.  In other words, focusing on improving skills, physical capacity, or performance should be secondary to identifying movement competency.  Your movement should be efficient.  How do we know if your movement is competent or efficient?  We use the Functional Movement Screen.  Movement comes first and is fundamental for optimal performance.

I’d like to thank Charlie and the entire crew at 495 Drive for supporting our mission to provide quality fitness education and programming.  For more from Charlie checkout  Enjoy!


Make the Switch

AMF Logo

Make the Switch

We want you at Albany Movement & Fitness not because we are less expensive but because we are better. What do we offer that makes us better?

  • One-on-one training
  • Smaller, more personal class sizes
  • Excellent location and facility
  • No long-term contracts
  • All instructors have degrees in Education with years of experience
  • All instructors teach well, model well, and move well.

We practice what we preach!  We will listen to you and consider your input regarding your training program.  It is our goal to earn your trust by operating with complete transparency.  We are not asking you to switch for cheaper; we are asking you to switch for better.  Albany Movement & Fitness is the better choice.  Move in the right direction. Join the movement!


Aleks Salkin Teaches the Crawl

Original Strength is at Albany Movement & Fitness. Original Strength is about movement restoration through developmental sequencing. Our bodies were made to move, and you will learn how to move better by practicing the very first movement pattern you ever performed – breathing. Then we will focus on improving head control, rolling, rocking, and crawling. As babies we earned our movement exactly in this manner, and we can reclaim that movement as adults using the Original Strength process. Original Strength exercises contribute to the stimulation of the vestibular system which creates a sensory rich environment, this in turn facilitates reflexive proprioceptive awareness. In essence, the Original Strength methodology is designed to turn on your internal motion detectors and encourage your body to stabilize reflexively. Regular practice will reverse the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and make you resilient! In this video Aleks Salkin teaches the progressions that lead to a proficient crawl. Thank you so much Aleks. You Rock!

Reclaim your mobility by booking your Original Strength session at Albany Movement & Fitness where our goal is to help you lose weight, move better, and get stronger.

Personal or Transactional 2

Recently, I posted a blog titled Personal or Transactional. I would like to follow that up with more about the transactional experience.

In the fitness industry, as in any industry, there is a lot of noise. Many people are competing for your attention.  Many people will tell you that their methods are the correct methods or that their new device has magic-wand capabilities. Remember the machine that shook away excess fat? Think of the thigh master or the shake weight.  These quick fixes cannot provide the guidance, support, motivation, and accountability required to produce results.  Yet people continue to purchase them.

How do you cut through all the noise to the path that will lead to success? First, you have to determine if you want your fitness experience to be personal or transactional.  Here are just a few of the differences between the two:



  • Client-centered experience
  • Experience dictated by a curriculum
  • 1-on-1 training option without the high price tag or the feeling that you are letting the company down
  • Herded into large groups with no choice,  forced to give up the personal coaching experience
  • Individualized programming allowing you to be progressed at your rate of readiness
  • Strict progression through pre-set classifications that  segregate you and create a ceiling for you that makes scheduling more difficult
  • Individual attention
  • One-size-fits-all mentality
  • Dedicated to creating connections and providing what the customers need
  • Dedicated to making as much money as fast as possible by doing whats best for the company

If the sky is the limit, then why are you bumping your head on the ceiling? Once you have determined that you value a personal fitness experience, it should be easy to decide that Albany Movement & Fitness can help you get there.  We understand the need for training that is personal.  It’s what we do.  Join the Movement!

Personal or Transactional

The kettlebell reveals the primary tool that we use to help people lose weight, move better, and get stronger but it is very important that you understand that our movement philosophy does not mandate the use of the kettlebell. That would be foolish since we all know that there are many paths to improved movement and increased strength.

AMF Logo
The kettlebell serves movement. Movement does not serve the kettlebell. What I’m trying to say is that the kettlebell could be removed from the face of the planet and movement would persist. Whereas if movement were removed from the face of the planet we would all cease to exist.

Any approach that requires the client to adapt to the program rather than the program being suited to the clients needs can no longer be considered personal.

So if you are interested in hiring a trainer you have to decide what type of experience you are looking for personal or transactional.