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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Fearless Leader

Albany Move FitAs you all know, I am super busy preparing to open Albany Movement & Fitness in Corporate Woods in the beginning of April. The most important task has already been accomplished: the lease is signed and the renovation has started. But that is only the beginning. There are about one million more things to do, large and small. One of which is creating Albany Movement & Fitness business cards.

When I was talking with my friends about what title to assign myself on the business cards, we joked about the possibilities. Chief, Captain, President, and General were some of the titles that were mentioned. Of course we also considered Personal Trainer. But am I just a personal trainer or am I more? Am I a Movement Specialist? To me, that sounds like some sort of medical professional. And then someone suggested Fearless Leader. Everyone started laughing, but I didn’t. Immediately and without hesitation I decided that this title was perfect for me. I embody that perfectly.

I am not afraid. What is there to fear? All I have to do is continue to learn, teach and be passionate about movement and strength development. I also have to guide my team through my personal movement philosophy, so they can develop a strong movement philosophy of their own. The most important thing that I have to do is to be willing to allow others to become remarkable in my presence without being overwhelmed with insecurity. It’s okay to bust my chops about my choice to be a Fearless Leader as long as you understand that it is true.

Take a look at our new home!