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Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger  with Seth Thomas

Personal Trainer in the Capital Region


Lose Weight, Move Better, Get Stronger

At Albany Movement and Fitness, we are passionate about helping people lose weight, move better, and get stronger. We pride ourselves on providing you with highly specialized training and services while still keeping it personal. At Albany Movement and Fitness you will not be lost in the crowd. We will provide you with the one-on-one attention you require until you are ready to progress to higher levels.

This web site is designed to present information that will inspire you to take action on the journey toward weight loss, improved movement, and increased strength. If you are serious about experiencing results and achieving your goals, then you are in the right place. enables us to extend our voice for the purpose of building a community of people who value quality fitness education and programming.  Our top priority is helping people to achieve results. We believe that everyone has the ability to create and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. We provide the professional guidance, support and accountability to make this possible.

Join us for Advocare’s 24-day Weight Loss Challenge and begin the new year with a healthier you!  We encourage you to take a few minutes and see what we have to offer. Click here to view our Class Schedule.  


Seth Thomas

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